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                                                   Show Dates: July 13th-30th, 2023
                                                         Directed By: Kyle Weber
                                                  Musical Director: Mariano Garcia IV
                                                      Choreographer: Danielle Karam
                                                Audition Dates: May 14th & 15th, 2023


The Wedding Singer is based on the 1998 film of the same title, which starred Adam
Sandler and Drew Barrymore. The film is set during 1985 with the main character Robbie Hart
as the lead singer in a band which performs at weddings. He's about to marry his girlfriend
Linda. Julia is a waitress at the banquet hall where Robbie performs. She is waiting for her long
term boyfriend, Glen, to pop the question. The next week Linda leaves Robbie at the altar and
Glen finally asks Julia to marry him. Glen leaves the wedding planning to Julia who then asks
Robbie for help. It soon becomes apparent that Julia is with the wrong guy and she falls for
Robbie and vice versa. Robbie thinks there is no way he can compete with Glen because Robbie
is “just” a wedding singer and Glen is rich and successful.

Cast Of Characters:
Robbie Hart (Rock Tenor)
Extremely strong singer who can adapt to many different styles.
Strong, focused and diverse actor. Great comic timing. Ability to play
guitar. Basic movement required. Actor must appear nerdish but with real
charm, a likable boy next door approach to the character.

George (Tenor, strong falsetto)
Strong character singer who can rap and has good falsetto. Plays
Keyboard. George is to be played in a feminine, long Rocker-Haired
manner. Boy George type.

Sammy (Tenor)
Singer who can also play bass guitar. This is a non dancing role but basic
movement is required. Sammy is a typical “mans man”.

Julia Sullivan (Soprano)
Strong singer, with good movement ability. Strong acting ability. The
role is to be played sweet and innocent, she is a waitress who longs to be
married and live the perfect married life.

Holly (Pop Belt)
Must have strong dance ability, and a unique voice with a strong belt.
Must be a strong actor. Holly is Julia’s cousin, very uninhibited and
forward. Comic timing a must. Based on Madonna of the 80’s.

Glen Guglia (Baritone)
Julia’s fiancé, must have great acting skills with strong singing skills,
also requires basic movement. Glen is tall, good looking, slightly older in
appearance to Julia and Robbie, he is arrogant and wealthy.

Rosie (Soprano/Alto)
Robbie’s Grandmother, 60-70 year old lady. Must have great comic
timing and a singing voice that suits both classic musical theatre and rap.

Linda (Rock Belt)
Robbie’s “trashy” girlfriend who leaves him at the altar. Strong belt
voice with real grunt. Movement required. Cher type of the 80’s, role will
be slightly larger than normally portrayed.

Angie (Soprano/Alto)
Julia’s Mother, strong character singer/actor, strong dance skills, good
comic timing. Ability to act late twenties, and mid 40’s.


**All these parts are featured roles and cameos. The performer who plays each
part will also be heavily used in the ensemble. Each of these roles is a
singing/speaking/dancing role and may need to be doubled on parts.

• Mr. and Mrs. Fonda
• David Fonda
• Priest
• Mookie and Crystal
• Donny and Tiffany
• 1st and 2 nd Waiter
• Shane and Donatella
• Father of Donatella
• Bad Haircut Guy
• Sideburns Lady
• Loser Guy
• Large Lady
• Clerk
• Glen’s Secretary
• Junior Secretary
• Second Suit
• Ricky
• Bum
• Glen’s Mistresses
• Airplane Agent
• Billy Idol
• Stunt Dancer Rosie
• Cyndi Lauper
• Mr. T
• Ronald Reagan
• Tina Turner
• Imelda Marcos