RUMORS, BY NEIL SIMON

                                                  SUNDAY January 17th-19th, 2021

                                                                            Director: Bryan Childe

                                                                  Assistant Director: Samantha Holland


                                                              Production Dates: March 11th-28th, 2021


                                       Rehearsals: Monday-Thurs 7:00-10:00 PM One Friday during Tech Week

                                                      Rehearsals will start January 20th, 2021

                                    For more information, please contact Bryan Childe @



Charley and Myra Brock are celebrating their 10th anniversary and have invited all their good friends. Chris and Ken Gorman, a legal couple, are the first ones to arrive.

They show up only to find that Myra is missing and Charley has “accidentally” shot himself in the ear. Charley is unconscious and so unable to tell them what happened. Charley is the deputy Mayor of New York City and, hoping to avoid a scandal, Ken and Chris go about covering up what they assume to be the truth of the situation. As the rest of the guests arrive — Claire and Len Ganz, Ernie and Cookie Cusack, and Cassie and Glenn Cooper — the story of Charley and Myra’s anniversary evening gone awry grows and develops. In the end all the guests are complicit in a cover-up that no one even really understands, but the fantastical events of the evening are hilarious and give a rich basis for great characters doing what Neil Simon does best – making the mundane…insane!


                                           The script is fast paced with lots of one line dialogue and physical comedy. 

                                                             General American accents are required



Ken Gorman  A well-spoken, handsome attorney. A bit high strung. 35 - 50


Chris Gorman Ken’s elegant and attractive wife.  A lawyer. Also a bit high strung. 30-45


Lenny Ganz An accountant who has just wrecked his brand new BMW. Irascible, sarcastic, and very likeable. - Spends the first act unable to turn his neck properly. 30 - 45


Claire Ganz Lenny’s gossip-monger, attractive wife. A Westchester, New York housewife type.  30 - 40


Ernie Cusak A smug psychiatrist. 40 - 55

Cookie Cusak Ernie’s wife and a cooking show host with a bad back. She has a very dramatic, physical personality. 40 - 50


Glenn Cooper An ambitious, polished man preparing for a run for the state senate. 35 - 50


Cassie Cooper A jealous type. Glenn's trophy wife. Insecure, sexy, shrewish.  22 - 26


Officer Welch A vigorous, straight- talking, veteran police officer.  Male or Female. 35 - 55


Officer Pudney A rookie cop.   Male or female. 22 - 28

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