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Image by Kiwihug

Auditions Date:
Saturday, September 2nd at 7

Show Dates:
Friday, October 27th - 7PM
Saturday, October 28th - 7PM & 11:45PM

Director: Cathy Randazzo-Olsen

Image by Kiwihug

 Rehearsal Schedule:
Friday & Saturday Evenings

Time: TBA

Auditions Requirements:

Be prepared to do improv & a cold read from the movie. You may also be asked to sing. Just come and have some fun!

Cast of Characters

*Indicates that the character will be required to perform in revealing costumes

+Indicates that the character will be required to perform sexually explicit material


A Transylvanian and the master of the castle. Welcomes Janet and Brad with open arms. Obsessed with creating a man to be part of their sexual entourage. Frank is a master of seduction. LGBTQ+ performer is preferred.


Quirky, but very much in love with his fiancé, Janet. Overly optimistic at times. 


Madly in love with Brad. Always seems to be frightened of something. Keeps losing clothing throughout the story. Appears to be emotionally weak and caves into pressure easily.


Follows our two heroes’ through the story by narrating directly to the audience. 


A Transylvanian who came to Earth with their sibling Magenta and master, Dr. Frank ‘N’ Furter. Resembling more of a zombie they often make harmless conversation seem awkward and foreboding.


Columbia is a groupie and one of Frank’s previous lovers; now serves as a servant in the castle.


A Transylvanian who came to Earth with their sibling Riff Raff and master, Dr. Frank ‘N’ Furter. Serves as the awkward maid of the castle.


Frank’s magnificent and perfect creation. Created with half of Eddie’s brain, they are sexually appealing and have prominent muscles.


Abandoned their delivery job to live in the castle. Eddie was Columbia and Frank’s ex-lover, half of his brain was used to create Rocky; A total rock and roll junkie.


Brad’s former science teacher and close friend. He ends up at the castle while looking for his nephew, Eddie.



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