Barn Theatre's 50th Anniversary SHOW # 1 Audition Information Can be found Below

                                                 Audition Dates: July 12th, 13th & 14th, 2020

                                                           Registration Begins at 6:30 PM

                                                            Directed By: Kristal Eckhardt

                                                        Musical Director: Mariano Garcia IV


*Please Prepare music that is similar to the style of the show.


* You may bring your own, track, sheet music or Cd. (Without Vocals)


* Rehearsal Schedule will be given out once cast for the show


* Show dates are July 16th-26th, 2020



Cast Of Characters Description:

* Cindy Lou (18-48) She knows she is the prettiest girl at Springfield High.  She knows she will be named Prom Queen and acts out against her best friend Betty Jean when things don't go her way. She makes the biggest change between Act 1 & 2, having learned the lessons of true love and loss. Vocal Range: Mezzo-Soprano (E3-F5). Sings Melody Line on most songs.

* Missy (18-48) She is the over-achiever of the group.  Very controlled, very concerned that everything at the Prom turns out wonderful and perfect.  Head of the Prom decorations Commitee, and absolutely smitten with her music teacher. Her best friend is Suzy.

Vocal Range:  Soprano (G3-A5)


*Betty Jean (18-48) Is this class clown and tomboy, always vying for attention with Cindy Lou, her best friend.  It's also highly probable that Betty Jean wants to be with Cindy Lou herself, but just doesn't know what those feelings really are.  Cindy Lou steals  Betty Jeans boyfriend away, which causes a lot of friction at the Prom.

Vocal Range: Alto (D3-E5)

* Suzy (18-48) She is the gum chewing, happy go-lucky, go-along girl. She is super best friends with Missy.  Suzy is aways giddy, a little silly, and finds great pleasures in everything she does.  In love with the lighting operator, completely surprised when named Prom Queen. Frustrated, Sad, Hormonal, and preganant in Act 2.

Vocal Range: Mezzo-Alto (G3-E5)

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