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                                              When: Sunday September 19th-21st, 2021

                                                          6:30 PM Registration. 7:00 PM Auditions


Synopsis: A happy house wife named Marsha, hopelessly addicted to reading murder mysteries, overhears her loving husband discussing her upcoming birthday surprise with an interior decorator. To her ears, though, it sounds like they are planning to murder her. She decides to turn the tables on them with help from her hapless neighbor and farcical chaos ensues.


Cast: 3 Males 4 Females


Tobias Gilmore: Age 30-50 Wall Street Broker


Marsha Gilmore: Age 30-50 Tobias’ Wife


Virgil Baxter: Age 30-60 Friend and Neighbor


Persis Devore: Age 25-50 Interior Decorator


Lynette Thoren: Age 40-60 Marsha’s Mother


Bianca: Age 20-30 The Gilmore’s Maid


Ben Quade: Age 20-30 Bianca’s Police Officer Boyfriend


                                Rehearsal Schedule will be Sunday through Wednesday 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM

                                  Any questions or concerns please email the director kevinkorman@hotmail.com