Director: Jim Docter

                                                  Musical Director: Mariano Garcia IV

                                                     Choreographer: Mark Wygonik                                                             

                                      WHEN: Saturday, July 10, 11:00 AM Registration (MANDATORY)

                                                        Call Backs: Sunday, July 11, Noon

Please come pepared with 32 bars of any song style that best shows off your vocal range. A CD player, bluetooth & Piano accompanist will be provided for you.


Be prepared to dance/move – You don’t need to be a dancer – we just need to see how you move to plan the choreography..



Rehearsals will be Sunday afternoons, Monday – Thursday evenings – Cast members time will be respected, so you will be scheduled for rehearsal only when needed and not expected to be there all the time.  Conflicts may be worked around.


Full Monty Character Breakdown All characters are normal citizens of Buffalo NY: Everyday People. Unless specifically noted, all body types are welcome! All ages are “stage ages” and cast member roles can be older or younger depending on the person cast.


Nathan Candidates must be at least 10 years old.

Monty Men: If you are auditioning for any one of these 6 roles, or Keno, you need to be comfortable with your body; enough to perform on stage in your underwear and eventually a g-string  Well… The moment at the end of the show begs the question: “Will they go all the way?” And you must be prepared to tease the audience to be considered for those roles: Roles that include this final number and the FULL MONTY are indicated by (**). Please note: Trust is a key word for our production – you will be taken care of respectfully and our final moment (The Full Monty **), will be powerful, and cheered on by the audience. Wear clothing to auditions that reveals your overall body shape accurately. These are “real men”- mill workers, not club dancers- so again, all types are encouraged, and you do not need to be a good dancer, but able to execute choreography is required.

Women: The women's roles are powerful, pivotal, and memorable with slammin’ songs. There is no heart without connection - and the women are critical in creating the circle.


Male Roles **


**Jerry Lukowski : An unemployed mill worker. 30-40. Jerry is a complex emotional character with serious heart and charisma, and genuine tenderness for his son – a regular guy. Vocal Range: Bari-tenor with falsetto if needed


Nathan Lukowski: Jerry's young son. Age 12. “12 years old going on forty” but young looking for his age. Nathan can be stoic, sincere, and charming, but ultimately real as he deals with his parents' custody battle. PARENTS: PLEASE READ ENTIRE SCRIPT of this musical's BEFORE your young man auditions. The director intends on examining the use and/or editing of the adult language and themes for its production of “The Full Monty”. Parents should also be aware that “The Full Monty” also contains partial nudity (by the adult actors), and language. Vocal Range: age appropriate.

** Dave Bukatinsky: An unemployed steelworker. 30-40. He struggles with unemployment and its effect on his marriage. A lovable, good-natured soul, with body weight and self-esteem issues. Must be comfortable enough with your belly to proudly wield it in all its glory. Vocal Range: Bari-tenor with falsetto if needed.

** Malcolm MacGregor: An unemployed mill worker. 25-40. His frank self-assessment neglects to mention his sweetness and sincerity. Malcolm transforms from desperately lonely to deeply loving.  Vocal Range Tenor.

** Ethan Girard: An unemployed steelworker. 25-40. Ethan remains an optimist while struggling with unemployment and friendship. He energetically attempts wallwalking a la Donald O'Connor's 'Singing In The Rain' acrobatics. He loves simply, and openly. Good physical comedic role. Body type: farm boy handsome. Vocal Range: High baritone/tenor.

** Noah “Horse” T. Simmons: A retired African American mill worker. 40-50+. Gentle demeanor. Seemingly, his “break-dancing” days are over until he breaks out. Excellent mover with great deadpan comedy. Vocal Range: Baritone/Tenor.

** Harold Nichols: An unemployed mill supervisor. 35-60+. He is a doting, prideful husband who is determined to keep his wife be-decked in upper middle-class luxury – in spite of 6 months of unemployment. Aloof at first, his dance skills are what finally, and arduously, brings “Hot Metal” alive. Vocal Range: baritone/tenor.


** Buddy 'Keno' Walsh: Handsome and experienced gay male stripper. 21-32. With his ambitions he won’t be a Chippendale-esque performer forever. Will double in other roles. Body-type: Hunky Hunk or Lean Mean Machine


Teddy Slaughter: Pam's fiancé. 35-55. The opposite of Jerry – clean-cut, well-off. Will double in other roles. Singing and harmonies required.

Female Roles


Pam Lukowski: Jerry's estranged wife, Teddy's fiancée. 30-40. In some ways Pam has become a realist. She earnestly wants Jerry to be an active parent for Nathan, but wrestles with strong reservations about his character and her own lingering feelings for him. Vocal Range: Alto.


Vicki Nichols: Harold's wife. 30-55. Charming and energetic, she loves Prada ensembles. But, not more than she loves her husband. Flamboyant on the surface, her love and understanding are real. Classy, but easily one of the girls. Comedic triple-threat. Vocal Range: High alto/broad mezzo belter.


Georgie Bukatinsky: Dave's wife. 30-40. A warm, down-to-earth soul that isn't afraid to kick up her heels. Her exuberance opens the show and sets the place and mood perfectly! Her reality comes in dealing with her hubby's struggles and trying to hold her marriage together. Vocal Range: High alto/broad mezzo belter.


Jeannette Burmeister: The piano player. 40-50+. She's seen it all and been there and done that. She’s got show-biz running through her blood. You can't shock her, but she'll shock you as she says what's really on her mind! Shows up with a piano to play for the guys totally out of the blue. Vocal Range: Low alto belter.


Other Roles: Female - Estelle Genovese (Jerry's younger sexy girlfriend), Susan Hershey, Joanie Lish, Dolores (doubles as Molly, Malcolm's aged ailing mother). May double in other roles. Various age, vocal ranges, and types

Other roles: Male - Reg Willoughby (union leader), Tony Giordano (club owner), Marty, Gary. May double in other roles. Various ages

Male & Female Chorus – all types and ages of men and women needed.