Audition Dates: Sunday May 15th 2022 

                                                                      Time: 5:00 PM Registration 6:00 PM Start

                                                                        Callbacks: Monday May 16th, 2022

                                                                                Director – Bryan Childe

                                                                 Musical Director/Conductor: Mariano Garcia IV

                                        Choreographer – Danielle Karam

                                                                    This Show will be Performed with a Live Band

Character Breakdown:

ALEX (Female/Mezzo Soprano) Fiery, proud, wry sense of humor, deeply loyal to her friends, emotionally guarded with men despite being sexually in command, tough and has a temper, but is also capable of great vulnerability, her energy drives the show sensibility jazz and contemporary jazz
dancer, hip-hop a plus, strong dance improv skills, strong belt voice, Bb below C, belt to high D


NICK (Male/Baritone) Confident, intelligent, playful, and brash, the heir to a steel dynasty, with a winning swagger that belies a genuine desire to help his workers, capable of falling deeply in love, strong
singer, with good pop sensibility


GLORIA (Female/Mezzo Soprano) Alex’s closest friend, dancer, sometimes scattered, with vulnerability she barely covers with a quick wit, harbors dreams of stardom


KIKI (Female/Mezzo Soprano) funny, quick-witted, and confident dancer at Harry’s and close friend to Alex, contemporary jazz dancer, hip-hop a plus, strong belt with pop/R&B instincts


JIMMY (Male/Tenor) An aspiring stand-up comic marking time working at Harry’s while waiting for the big break, is full of energy and drive, strong singer (think a young Billy Joel), high baritenor


HARRY (Male/Baritone) Worn-down, gruff, curmudgeonly (but truly warm-hearted) owner of the bar, a
working-class Pittsburgh man trying to stay afloat in a tough economy,


HANNAH (Female/Alto) Seasoned show biz vet with a great sense of humor and down-to-earth, take no-prisoners point of view, physically in decline with an undimmed passion for dance, background in
dance/or a very strong mover, traditional musical theater character belt.


TESS (Female/Alto) A dancer at Harry’s with a long and unhappy history, wry, with a tough veneer,
but a clear wistfulness and sadness beneath, jazz and contemporary jazz dancer, hip-hop a plus, strong belt singer, rock sensibility


JOE (Male/Baritone) Alex’s foreman at the Steel Plant, tough and strict as a boss, but sympathetic to his employees and co-workers, strong singer, with good pop sensibility.

LOUISE (Female/Alto) Nurse and home aid for Hannah, deadpan sensibility, is excellent at her job and
devoted to her client despite her dry humor, alto.


ENSEMBLE (Mixed voices) Seeking dancer/singers, the ensemble will play various roles throughout.